The meals

We serve Indonesian meals with the (famous !) ”Kepa’s” touch, elaborated together with our first class cooks Bibi Yati, Bibi Ima, Niwati, Nursia …

You will enjoy our dishes of freshly caught fish, various vegetables and beans, salads, toffu or soya cheese (tempe), « sambal » (spicy sauces served separatly), accompanying white or brown rice.Cakes or small breads are freshly made for the breakfast together with seasonal fruit (fried rice is also available on demand).

The meals are made with fresh local products. The fish is caught by local fishermen with sustainable practices, farm chicken or duck is only cooked occasionnaly as we don’t want to supply from intensive poultry but only from the village breeding. A large variety of veggies is actually available, but fruits production is quite limited in Alor archipelago due to climate and habits. However we serve some almost every meals (bananas, papaya and also watermelon/ oranges/ pineapple/ manggos/jambu at season).

Lunch and dinner are shared all together (« table d’hôte »). Breakfast as well as tea/coffee are in self-service.  Please let us know if you have special diet (vegetarians are generally very happy here! tell us if you are vegan, allergic, etc…).

After a tasty meal, enjoy the view and the breeze, seated on the shade of the banian tree on the terrace of the restaurant!