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Update : Here are the normal routes, but they are often disrupted… Recommended to check your flights a couple of days before.

Go to/from ALOR by AIR

From the international airports of DENPASAR (Bali), JAKARTA or SURABAYA, you have to fly to KUPANG :

  • Connection to Alor: Overnight in Kupang is needed from Bali, but the connection the same day is possible from Jakarta or Surabaya by leaving early morning.
  • Connection when return: possible the same day, but … cancelation for technical reasons regularly occurs, then you have to overnight in Kupang. If you prefer traveling on a safe side, it is better to avoid connection with your return international flight the same day you fly back from Alor, but overnight in Kupang or your international hub.

( soon another route?  NAM AIR/SRIWIJAYA was proposing a DIRECT flight between DENPASAR (Bali) and ALOR 3 days a week in 2019. These flights are currently suspended, but could get operational again later in 2021… let’s stay aware… )

Kupang – ALOR < > ALOR – Kupang

TRANSNUSA/NAM AIR (~50 seats, 50 mn) (IDR xxx.000): everyday at 11:45 from Kupang, and 13:30 from Alor (included baggage : 10 kg/PAX, overweight: +/- IDR 30.000/kg)

WINGS/LION AIR (~50 seats, 50 mn) (IDR 1.200.000): every day at 8:15 from Kupang, and 9:30 from Alor (no more free baggage allowances, IDR 27.500/kg prepaid).

√  Afternon flight : proposed but generally cancelled! prefer morning one.

Travel agents for further indication and ticket purchase :

From Alor Airport to KEPA island :

The road goes to Kalabahi main town (12 km, 20/30 min), then to Alor Kecil (15 km, 30 min):

  • straight to Alor Kecil by taxi (Rp 150.000-250.000 per trip) or “ojek” (motorbike taxi) (Rp 50.000-75.000).
  • There, stop at the beach where a big Banian tree is. A regulation has been established to support the local community: you have to cross the strait with the people of Alor Kecil by small motorized boat, at official price Rp 20.000/person. Better to have flip-flops because you need  a few steps in the water!

Other flights from/to Kupang (non-exhaustive)


DENPASAR  (Rp 1.000.000-2.000.000) » everyday direct flights (Garuda, Lion Air), but also via Waingapu or Flores (Nam Air/Sriwijaya, Wings Air/Lion)


JAKARTA (Rp 1.500.000-3.000.000)
SURABAYA (Rp 1.200.000-2.000.000)
» every day (Batik Air, Sriwijaya, Lion Air, Citilink, Garuda,…)
» departures from 3 AM until 15:45 from Jakarta to Kupang
» departures from 6:00 until 16:45 from Kupang
! 2 airports in Jakarta : CGK = Soekarno Hatta (biggest), HLP = Halim Perdanakusuma


(TransNusa, Wings Air, Susi Air)
Labuan Bajo (Komodo) – Wings Air – Transnusa (+/- 1.000.000) – Garuda () Connection the same day ????????? from Alor day ????????
Ruteng – Transnusa Connection to Alor day ???
Bajawa – Transnusa (~700’000 Rp) Connection to Alor day ???from Kupang / 7:45 or 9:45
Ende – Wings/Lion (~650’000 Rp) – Transnusa (~600’000 Rp) Connection  Alor day ???, to Alor day ???
Maumere (~650’000 Rp) – Transnusa -Wings Air Connection from Alor day ???, to Alor day ???
Larantuka : (~650’000 Rp) – Transnusa – Wings Air daily flight
Lembata :  (~650’000 Rp) – Transnusa – Wings Air  to be checked…


1 or 2 flights a day (Wings Air, Sriwijaya, Garuda, TransNusa)
Waingapu (Rp 600.000-1.000.000)  Connection to be checked again
Tambolaka -Transnusa (~900’000 Rp ?) Connection to be checked again


(Susi Air, Wings Air)
 Everyday-to be checked


(Garuda, Transnusa)
Makasar (~1’400’000 Rp) direct to Kupang on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. Connecting same day to Alor.


Dili new in 2019. Every Monday and Friday

Go to/from ALOR by SEA

By ferry : Kupang – Kalabahi < > Kalabahi – Kupang

  • company ASDP : TUESDAY and SATURDAY from Kupang at 12.00 (noon), arriving in Alor early in the morning/night – the journey takes about 15 hours, depending on the conditions at sea – fare ~ Rp 175’000.
    • From Alor to Kupang, the ferry leaves on WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY at 12:00.
  • Kapal Ferry Cepat (KFC)- new mid 2019 : MONDAY and THURSDAY from Kupang by evening at 8PM. Journey takes about 8-10 hours.
    • From Alor to Kupang, the ferry leaves on TUESDAY and FRIDAY at 8PM.

By ferry : Larantuka – Lewoleba – Baranusa – Kalabahi < > Kalabahi – Baranusa – Lewoleba – Larantauka

  • On wednesday 12:00 from Larantuka, 18:00 from Lewoleba, on thursday 8:00 from Baranusa… Arrival on Thursday around 11:00 depending on the conditions at sea. Fare ~ Rp 175.000.
    • From Alor, the ferry leaves Kalabahi at 8:00 am every FRIDAY.

By ferry : Atapupu – Kalabahi < > Kalabahi – Atapupu

  • Ferry « Kapal Tol Laut Sabuk » every 2 weeks.  Fare ~ Rp 50.000. 8-9 hours journey.
    • on MONDAY from Kalabahi, leaving at 8PM.
    • the next THURSDAY from Atapupu, around 7PM.
    • AT DOCK from LAST WEEK OF AUGUST : return date to be checked.
  • Atapupu is not far from the East Timor border. There are bus connections from Atambua to Kupang and to Dili.

Some tourists traveling around Eastern Indonesia use Dili in East-Timor to extend their visa. A list of nationalities (including many European ones) get Free VOA (Visa On Arrival) for Timor Leste (3 months) and for Indonesia (1 month, non extendable), both by land (Atambua-Motoai) and flying. More information about this can be found on the website of the East-Timor Department of Foreign Affairs:

By PELNI ships :

Two Pelni ships, the AWU and the SIRIMAU, stop in Kalabahi during their 2 weeks route. The time, very elastic, has to be checked one or two days before.


Schedule not stable… TO BE CHECKED IN PELNI OFFICE.

Pelni office Kalabahi : Jl. Cocroaminoto 5 Tel: +62 386-21195 Pelni office Kupang : Jl. Pahlawan 7 Tel : +62 380-821944 Head office JakartaTel: (+62-21) 6334342 / Fax:(+62-21) 63854130/ 

Transports available to travel around in Alor…

Between Kalabahi town and Alor Kecil village

  • Regular blue bemos (Rp 5.000 + luggage), or ojek (Rp 15.000-20.000 Rp depending destination). « Terminal » in front of the Pelni harbour (near the shop “Gunung Bromo”), or from the central market « pasar impres ».
  • Chartered bemo/Taxi : Rp 50’000-100’00

To travel around ALOR

From Alor Kecil it is now really easy to rent a motorbike, or a motorbike with driver (ojek). Chartering private car with driver in Kalabahi is available too.

Remember: keep cool!

In indonesia, especially in eastern provinces, transportation schedules can suddenly change because of climate, technical or economical reasons. But people will always help you to find alternative solutions ! Patience and smile are your best assets! Sabar duluh… In case of misunderstanding, please contact us to help… +6281339102403 (Anne, What’sApp or SMS)