To arrange a reservation we will need to know :

  • the check-in/check-out dates you expect
  • the bungalow type you prefer
  • your diving experience : certification and +/- total dives (min 30-50 dives required)
  • if you bring some gear along

Please send us an email with this information. We will tell you about availability then send you a cost estimate and a deposit request to confirm the reservation.

Booking more than 2 months in advance give you a 5% discount on dive price.


Deposit :

  • 20% of the estimated cost or min 100 € by transfer.

Balance :

  • Cash : Indonesian Rupiah, Euros or $US (notes in good shape without any mark, ≥ $20 ),
  • Transfer

Accommodation and Marine Park fee to be paid with cash Rupiah.


Money facilities in Alor :

  • No credit card payment possible so far in Alor.
  • ATM : bank BRI and BNI (Kalabahi town, Alor Kecil village).
    Cirrus, Maestro, MasterCard or Visa
    Limited amount (+/- Rp.1’500’000, 3 consecutive times)
  • Local traders can change cash but rates are lower than big towns.